Осенний вальс под дудочки, свирели...
Название: The Converse
Аффтар, оно же бета: ~~~Alice~~~
Рейтинг: ~
Вынос моСКа: 100%
Варнинг: читать людям, которые знают английский!
От аффтара: это нечто есть стихи. На конкретную тему Алисы. Правда, есть одна проблема... выложенная выше, то бишь если вы английский ни в зуб ногой... то не сюда.)))
Вещь с претензией!

- Rabbit, Rabbit, wait a minute,
You don’t have to hurry more:
Wonderland’s not in my spirit,
I have closed the glorious door…

- How is it, my dear Alice?
Do you want to live in gray?
- I repeat, I’m not more mindless,
I just want to finish play.

No more strange and scary people,
No more tea from beaten cups.
I don’t have now even little
Wish to have the fable stucked.

- What is wrong with little Alice,
Where’s she, how had she gone?
- I am not more little Alice.
I am adult. I have grown.

Don’t remind me children’s stories,
Cause I know… I can’t go back.
(Like can’t Ellie has her worries
About the Head without neck…)

I consider, I’ll be sober,
If there is no Wonderland…
I’m tired. I am a robber,
Robber of my own mind.

- What a pity. I’m so sorry…
Look! I don’t have now more time!
And again I’m like a lorry
With a freight of only mine!..

- Just a minute! Can you tell me,
What is now with our friends…
- Only minute? She won’t wait me…
Well, I’ll stay… Give me your hands.

You know, Hatter has been waiting,
Waiting wonder on the Glade.
Cheshire still dreams for a dating
With the Hat – without fade…

White Queen wants to set loose sister,
(That’s to rashly, I’m afraid)
Stayn, I think, ‘s much more than twister,
But Mirana’s so hard-set…

Thackery throws cups in Hatter,
Absolem still smokes a lot…
Alice! What is now the matter?
Will you follow me or not?..

Tears appeared in her blue eyes;
She thought that’s too late for it.
But she’s also tired from all lies
Which she has now to submit…

- Rabbit, Rabbit, wait a minute,
Just a minute… wait for me.

@настроение: Да так... маленько того... немножко туда... короче, в самый раз!)))

@темы: Алиса, английский, стихи